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Summer Reflections

I'm back after a break from the blog in August with a reflection on the summer.

The summer holidays for many are nearly over and what a topsy turvy time its been weather wise. The wettest July on record in the UK and August not much better. I’m really hoping that September brings us a beautiful Indian Summer.

I spent a week on the island of Sardinia. It was gorgeous apart from the fact that we were in the middle of a European heatwave with temperatures in the low 40’s. I’d been a couple of times before and remember the heat being dry but this time the humidity was unbelievable. One day I showered four times! I suffered from  a very unpleasant heat rash. My arms were burning hot and the itchy rash didn’t go away for days. The humidity brought the annoying mosquitoes out and I was bitten alive, down my neck and even on my lip. Apart from that it was a special relaxing time!

When we arrived home the weather was really wet and I was so disappointed that I couldn’t even put my holiday washing outside to dry and the temperature had dropped by over 20 degrees and it was so chilly. What a difference.

We all know the impact global warming is having on our planet and becoming a part of everyday life with heatwaves, fires, flooding and unexpected snowfall. The scientists are alarmed at how fast its all happening now. I think we all are and this summer has shown the challenges that we face. ( I am not here to have a debate about the weather and global warming but there are so many things that we need to take into consideration moving forward )

If you are at home and suffer from heat rash then an ice pack straight from the freezer wrapped in a tea towel brings instant relief and reduces the swelling. If you are away in a hotel then ask for some ice cubes and do the same. Cold showers and baths are also a good idea.

Always travel with Lavender essential oil. I’ve said it before in other articles but believe me it was a saviour. Every evening I added the oil into my after sun or body moisturiser which was really soothing.

Insect bites can keep you awake at night with the itching. The sun aggravates them and they can be so painful. Travel with citronella candles if you can and apply neat lavender oil in the evening directly to the bites.  This is something that you shouldn’t do long term as although the lavender is healing it can be drying on the skin when its applied neat * As the bites start to improve then add some drops to a carrier oil to moisturise the skin.

As we naturally perspire more so in the heat, our sweat glands can become clogged and our pores can become obstructed both our face and body. Whilst I am against too much exfoliating as it can sensitise the skin, now is the time to do it - a gentle scrub can remove the dead layers and unclog the pores. However, please do not exfoliate if you have sunburn.

Keep your skin looking clear by cleansing and cleansing again. We produce more oil which can cause congestion. Vitamin C contributes to healthy skin and helps protect our skin from damage and stimulates natural collagen production.

Wearing SPF is important but did you know that dark coloured clothes offer the best protection from the sun whilst lighter clothes keep us cooler? A wide brimmed hat offers excellent protection too and always carry water with you. Its all about common sense really, more than ever now.

Happy September.