All orders will be despatched on 22nd June. Thank you for your patience. Please do contact me if you are a professional therapist and have a wholesale enquiry.



Are you a therapist in training, looking for a trusted advisor? Whether it’s for guidance in real-world scenarios with clients, getting through exam season, or advice on setting up your own holistic business, I would be delighted to share some of my most valuable lessons and learnings.

Mentoring is so valuable, no matter where you are on your therapist journey. Whether you’re still in training and need help with certain areas of your course, or you’re already trained and working as a therapist but in need of business advice, feel free to drop me an email outlining the areas where you need guidance. I will draw up a plan designed to help you develop and fine tune your skills and launch your career as a therapist.

One mentoring session - £85.00 (price per hour)


Do you want to create a bespoke blend as part of a service or product that you offer, but not sure where to start, or even how to formulate a blend at all? Formulating beautiful, bespoke blends is at the heart of what I do, and I am always excited to share my wisdom with other therapists.

My formulation service includes an introductory call to discuss the details of the blend or product you would like created, for you to help me understand your vision. Then, I’ll go away and get to work. Once happy with the blend, I’ll send the formulation your way, and we can make any necessary adjustments.

Flat rate - £250.00 (with any further adjustments charged an hourly rate of £85.00)

Mandy holding a bottle

"Mandy is exceptional in understanding every single wish and taste that I had in regards to both base and essential oils. With her guidance, I launched my signature blend, which is now a bestseller. The scent is so unique and so me, and it couldn’t have turned out any better. Mandy has just  formulated a second oil for me.

Mandy is dedicated, professional and so lovely to work with, and I was very happy to be introduced to her while sitting on the other side of the world." - Monna Cheikh, Monnamie