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Love Your Lymphatic System

Did you know that there are 600 to 800 lymph nodes in your body with approximately 200 concentrated in the face and neck? Lymphatic drainage is manual manipulation that assists in moving fluid out of your tissues into lymph nodes where bacteria, viruses and other harmful microorganisms are quarantined or destroyed. The lymphatic system irrigates our tissue, it acts as a sewer system, freeing space for the flow of lymph and eliminating waste produced by other working cells and carrying to organs that dispose of it.

When lymph flow is obstructed or slows down, the lymphatic system can’t work effectively. Poor lymphatic circulation lowers our defence. Sluggish or stagnant lymph creates inflammation and leads to the deterioration in our skin's health and can cause acne, rosacea, pigmentation, puffiness, dark circles and other sensitivities.

Manual lymphatic drainage cleanses the lymph, reduces swelling in the mucous membranes and consequently many skincare problems are resolved.

Manual lymphatic drainage therapy can help to:

Clearing acne and breakouts

Reducing puffiness

Brightening dark circles

Reducing redness and rosacea

Softening of fine lines and wrinkles

Minimising sagging skin

Easing headaches

Diminishing hyperpigmentation

Relieving tension/TMJ

Relieving sinus congestion

They are a myriad of ways this gentle therapy can have a powerful impact on the body too, from:

Reducing inflammation

Alleviating pain

Pain relief, post op.

Excellent for expediting the healing process after surgery and reducing swelling

Improving digestion and bloating

Reducing swelling (oedema)

Calming the central nervous system. Turn off sympathetic. Turn on parasympathetic

Increasing sports performance and recovery

Combating physical stress

Relieving tired and stiff joints and arthritis

Rejuvenating and repairing

Relieving symptoms of fibromyalgia

Calming symptoms of restless leg syndrome

Brain benefits:

Washes the brain. Clears waste

Improved focus and mental clarity

Optimising the flow of cerebrospinal fluid

There are also a a host of overall benefits:

Calms stress and anxiety

Filter and irrigating of tissue

Flushing excess fluids

Eliminating debris and waste

Aiding in absorption of nutrients

Cardiovascular health, filtering blood

Activating immune response

Accelerating cellular repair and regeneration

Serving as a defence against infection

Professional therapists can provide full body and facial treatments depending on the clients needs. I use lymphatic brushes in my treatments which have a unique bristle pattern and density combination that grip the skin in a precise way targeting the superficial lymph. They provide immediate and long term results. I encourage my clients to use the brushes at home to maintain a healthy lymphatic system. Healthy skin is reducing inflammation and creating movement to support the healthy exchange of nutrients and wastes within the tissue.

Before embarking on a lymphatic drainage journey or beginning any self care please do check with a specialist. The benefits are huge but there are some contraindications.

Be cautious with:

Menstruation as it can make a period heavier

Low blood pressure. Be careful of over use. Do shorter sessions

Hyperactive thyroid. Do not work on the thyroid directly

Work around raised moles

Bronchitis. Don’t work directly over the sternum.

Do not use if you have:

Active cancer

Deep vein thrombosis

Congestive heart failure

Acute infection or inflammation

You are in your first trimester of pregnancy

As I always tell my clients the body is best prepared for lymphatic drainage by deep breathing which acts like a pump that helps move fluid through the vessels and lymph nodes.

Place both hands on your ribs. Take slow deep breaths. Slowly blow the air through your mouth. Rest between the breaths and repeat a few times. Drink plenty of water before and after this wonderfully beneficial therapy.

“ The lymph system is the origin of life. Youth, life and death are dependent on lymph and its renewal. We live in lymph; our tissues are washed in lymph. It supplies us with the life giving nutrients necessary for body development “