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Let's be kinder to ourselves

New Year resolutions always sound like a great idea but do they really work? We put undue pressure on ourselves to lose weight, give up sugar, stop drinking and a huge long list of other things.

Personally, I’ve always found them a struggle and whilst full of good intentions I have rarely achieved meaningful changes. If we don’t achieve our goals then we feel that we have let ourselves down or failed in some way.

Let’s be kinder to ourselves. Let’s take a softer approach to our wellbeing this New Year. Tiny changes most days can actually turn into big changes overall. Don’t set any goals, don’t put yourself under any pressure but take each day gently.

Looking after ourselves physically helps us feel better mentally. Do things that make you happy. For me a walk in our local Bushy Park does me the power of good. Taking in nature, chatting with a friend, getting your heart rate up and always saying when I come back home I never fail to say ‘Oh that felt good’…

A good laugh makes you feel amazing. Its energising and liberating. Stress releasing endorphin’s are released into our body and that’s got to have a positive impact.

Learning something new. I’m forever researching fun projects. It’s good to get your teeth into something a bit different and you may discover new strengths or talents.

Get stuck into a new book. Let your mind drift away and take you on an adventure. Its a wonderful way to truly relax with a warming cuppa.

Sometimes its lovely to spend a day on your own but equally connecting with dear friends can be liberating and comforting.

Watch a good film. When you have had a busy day what better way to unwind than to curl up on the sofa and take in some television.

Sleep. Yes! If your body tells you to lie down then take a nap. Set an alarm if you have to get back to something. There’s been much research into this and its wonderful for your wellbeing and paramount for good health. A power nap is good for mind and body. At night, try and get to bed that bit earlier. I started doing this recently… 15 minutes, then half an hour and before you know it you’re in your cosy bed an hour earlier. Such a good feeling.

If you can stretch each morning its a positive way to start the day. It’s good for us and regular stretching can help reduce our risk of injuries, enable our muscles to work more effectively and improve our performance in physical activities.

Bath time. For me, its the best time of the day. I love to close the bathroom door and immerse myself in warming salts or bubbles and of course essential oils. Nurturing, comforting, muscle easing and so soothing. Take extra time for yourself. Light a candle or diffuse some oils, apply a face mask and just relax.

If after reading this you really do want to set yourself a New Years resolution then aim for something that’s reasonable, meaning that its achievable and over a sensible time frame, that way when you succeed you can really feel the benefits, one of which will be the mental satisfaction that it brings  (an ideal platform for future achievements).

Improving our wellbeing slowly with slight shifts in our behaviour can mean long term positive benefits and results. Having a positive outlook can make us happy, improve our wellness, bring improved resilience and a stronger immune system.


Small steps. Big changes.


Wishing you all a very happy and healthy 2023.