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Beating the Winter Blues with Aromatherapy


Aromatherapy is incredibly effective in helping combat the Winter Blue’s. It can lower stress levels, balance hormones, improve sleep and bring clarity and focus. Plus, it can help fight viruses and instil a sense of calm or uplift.
I could write about hundreds of essential oils and their differing properties but here are some of my favourites...

Happy and uplifting 

A euphoric oil used for the nervous system for stress, headaches and nervous exhaustion.

A gentle yet uplifting aroma. Its ideal for infants and the elderly. Beneficial for reducing depression and anxiety. I call it my sunshine oil.

A natural anti-depressant that brings focus and clarity. Juicy and fresh.

Immune boosting and bug fighting

Black pepper
Warming and spicy it boosts the immune system with its antioxidant properties. It eases aching muscles and is wonderful for improving circulation when your body feels cold and damp.

There are more than three hundred different varieties but Globulus and Radiata have a long history for fighting respiratory conditions. It’s antivital and antimicrobial with an aroma that resonates with many of us at this time of year.

To be used with extreme caution and under professional guidance as the dilution needs to be very low. It has a highly effective stimulating effect on the immune system to prevent coughs and colds with its antiseptic properties.

Warming and comforting 

A comforting and revitalising oil that's in anti-inflammatory properties. It helps with circulation and provides warmth and strength for someone who is being too hard on themselves. It frees up blockages helping us to flow freely again.

Breath deeply and instantly feel calm and at ease with this grounding oil. It helps with respiratory conditions and is an excellent oil for meditation.

Oils can be used via inhalation and massage. Aroma sticks are a effective way to inhale the oils, and an electric diffuser for short aromatic bursts throughout the day and night. Aroma patches can be applied to the chest or onto clothing near the nasal area. Steaming oils in hot water is also beneficial.