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The Power of a good nights sleep

We all know the importance of getting a good nights sleep but so many of us don’t achieve the optimum seven or eight hours. Insufficient sleep can dramatically lower our quality of life….there’s nothing worse than feeling dreadful and not being able to focus after a bad nights sleep. When we sleep our amazing bodies heal themselves. Without it we can’t function at our best.

Firstly the bad news but don’t worry, there is plenty of positive advice to follow! Not getting enough sleep can result in an array of problems. Sleep deficiency can lead to:

A greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance
It may increase your risk of heart disease
A higher chance of injury.
A lack of libido
A weakening of the immune system’s defences against viruses. You’re are more likely to pick up a common cold if your system is compromised.
A greater risk of weight gain especially if you are getting less than 7 hours a night. The chemicals that signal to your brain are off balance and you are more likely to overindulge when tired.
A higher risk of increased blood pressure.
Our brain function being impaired, which causes issues with decision making. Concentration and creativity aren’t up to par without the right rest.
Our skin looking dull and it can add several extra years onto our faces.
And oh my goodness doesn’t it put you in a really bad mood!

The doom and gloom aside, there are many positive things that we can do to improve our night time routine and induce restorative sleep…

Make sure that your bedroom creates a calm environment. Put your phone in another room or make sure that it's not right next to your bed. Our phones give off blue light which makes our bodies think that it’s daytime. It can also reduce the hormone melatonin that our brains produce in response to darkness to promote sleep. Blue light is bad. So, ensure your room is dark, as well as cool and light.

A bath before bed is so comforting and warming but make sure that you bathe at least an hour before you go to sleep in order to allow your body to cool down. The heat of the water can cause our bodies to become overheated and stimulated, which keeps us awake.

Add magnesium flakes to your bath, as well as essential oils in a carrier oil. Both can have a positive impact allowing us to calm, relax and unwind.

And talking about magnesium, this mineral taken as a supplement can really help aid a good nights sleep. There are many different types of magnesium for muscular aches and pains, digestive issues etc… but I highly recommend glycinate which is so beneficial to help us sleep.

Essential oils can also be used in an electrical diffuser in the bedroom. Turn it on an hour before getting into bed and just for half an hour afterwards (if your diffuser has a timer) Lavender is fantastic for insomnia and chamomile is extremely calming. They work so well together.

Try and avoid alcohol and caffeine too late in the evening as both can have a negative impact on our quality of sleep. Eating late too can keep us awake. Has anyone eaten cheese after a meal  and ended up having bad dreams?!

Make sleep deprivation a thing of the past. Hoping these tips will help. Sweet dreams.