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Facial oils - Ready, set, glow!

For those that use a facial oil there is normally no turning back but for those that have never tried an oil on their skin let me try and explain why using a facial oil can be so beneficial.

Years ago I used to be one of the sceptical ones. Oil on my skin? Ooh how strange! Won’t it make my face really oily and greasy?

The overall purpose of a facial oil is to serve as an extra level of protection for your skin. It is designed to provide your skin with moisture and lock in hydration. Facial oils are generally anhydrous meaning they are formulated with no water. The oil need not be greasy or heavy on the skin contrary to belief. Blended correctly by a skincare formulator they can contain numerous beneficial components such as vitamins and phytosterols which are plant derived that can help replenish, nourish, restore, hydrate and the beauty is that they contain no nasties. They are free from preservatives, they contain no synthetics or artificial colours, just pure natural ingredients.

Ideally a facial oil should be applied onto a damp skin. If you apply onto a dry skin they won’t be as effective. Because facial oils contain no water using a facial mist is important because it provides hydration allowing the product to penetrate into the skin and it also means that you don’t drag a dry skin. The oil produces the moisturising and nourishing properties and the skin is hydrated using a facial mist, my favourite is rose water.

A facial oil is typically formulated with a mixture of plant oils. These oils create a blend of essential fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins to create a wealth of properties to help balance, regenerate, restore, nurture, detoxify, soothe and protect the skin.

As we age our skin actually produces fewer natural oils. It can have a tendency to look dull and this is where an oil can not only help with its magical properties but can give the skin a beautiful glow promoting a radiant skin. Many people question me about oily skin. Surely you wouldn’t use a facial oil? Well…. yes you can. An oily skin can highly benefit. If the oil is blended correctly it can actually balance an oily complexion rather than amplifying your skins existing sebum levels. Oily skin can lose a lot of moisture and the beauty of a facial oil is that it can replenish those levels.

Some plant oils can be heavy on the skin with a high comedogenic rating. This means that they will have a tendency to clog the pores. Any professional blending correctly and safely will know not to use these particular oils. They can disrupt the sebum levels leading to an unhappy unbalanced skin.

So don’t you think its incredible that something so natural full of botanicals can have such a positive benefit on our skin? Here are some examples:

Pumpkin seed can have a plumping effect and actually tone the skin.

Jojoba oil mimics our own natural sebum levels.

Camellia oil can pull out the dirt and makes our pores appear smaller.

Pomegranate oil can detoxify and regenerate the skin.

Carrot seed oil can help with hyperpigmentation.

Evening primrose oil can strengthen and soothe.

Macadamia can assist with cell regeneration.

Prickly pear seed oil which contains a very high amount of Vitamin E stimulating collagen production.

And then you add the powerful properties of essential oils which can have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, balancing, soothing, grounding, calming and healing benefits.

There are several ways to use a facial oil:

As a daily oil used alone onto a damp skin.

As an overnight treatment.

As a boost to an existing moisturiser.

Mixing a few drops with rose water to produce a lighter moisturiser

For use in facial massage and with Gua Sha tools.