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Aypa Stone
Aypa Stone
Aypa Stone
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Aypa Stone

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 What is The Aypa Stone?

One of the most powerful energy vortices on the planet near the ancient citadel of Machu Picchu sustainably sources this unique mineral. Perhaps that’s why the Incas built the citadel there.

Properties of the Peruvian serpentine stone in contact with the skin

This beautiful mineral has unique magnetic properties thanks to the energetic area where it comes from. The stone charges the vibration of the earth’s energy. Furthermore, this energy enters in contact with the skin and gives a part of that vibration to the cells.

The Incas valued this powerful and magical energy coming from the core of the earth, using it for healing purposes both on a physical and emotional level:

– On a physical level: it has the ability to stimulate and regenerate cells, allowing nutrients to be better absorbed.
– At an emotional level, it works in all the chakras to cleanse and recycle blocked energy.

In this way, it promotes general well-being, becoming a powerful ally against stress and premature aging.

Benefits of the massage with the AYPA STONE

The massage with the Aypa Stone provides immediate and lasting results with constant use thanks to its weight and shape. It:
– Tones muscles
– Softens fine lines
– Removes toxins
– Decongests
– Activates circulation
– Reduces puffiness
– Releases tensions
– Connects with your inner self

How does it work
We have created a ritual based on ancient Incan medicine and wellness therapies with stones.
The energy centres that we have in the body will be represented on the face. In the Andean world we have 5 energy centres. Each one will be open before starting the ritual to recycle energies through physical drainage. At the end of the therapy each centre will be closed.

You should apply this ritual with an oil. So, before using the stone and in order to create a nurturing synergy, we recommend applying the Aypa Hydrosol followed by the Aypa Raw Oil.

* Moreover The Aypa Stone comes with a tutorial video in which we explain step by step the ritual that has been created for this tool.

This gem can also be used on the body and on the feet to do reflex therapy work.

How often can I do the Ritual?
The complete ritual can be done once per week. But you can use the stone daily to focus on specific needed areas.

Characteristics of the AYPA STONE
Weight: 100 grams
Dimensions: 3.8 x 5.5 cms.
Origin: Cuzco, Perú
Colour varies, combines shades of light and dark green.

Wholesale available for registered therapists.