Weekly oil highlight…Sea Buckthorn

Not an essential oil this week but I talk about a carrier oil. Without a carrier oil I would struggle to perform an aromatherapy treatment. Just like essential oils a carrier oil has huge properties too.

I have many favourites that I use in my treatments. For a full body treatment I will use sweet almond oil, jojoba, sunflower, macadamia, arnica and a list of others but with my facial oil my favourites are sea buckthorn, argan, cacay and baobab. Jojoba is gorgeous for the face too. Today I talk about Sea Buckthorn, a rich bright orange oil which is highly regenerating, renewing, replenishing and anti ageing. It contains high levels of vitamin A and omega 7. In fact so rich in natural vitamins and minerals it contains 6 different fat soluble vitamins, 22 fatty acids and 42 lipids. Pretty impressive for something that is completely natural.

The botanical name is Hippophae. It is a deciduous tree commonly found in coastal positions in Europe and Asia. A hardy tree producing an orange fruit. Not only used as a carrier oil in aromatherapy but also added to creams and lotions because of its skin rejuvenating properties and taken as a nutritional supplement. As a food it is typically made into a jam.

Used as a 100% blend it would stain the skin because of its rich orange colour so I normally use a maximum of 10% combined with other beautiful renewing oils. Added to jojoba and baobab I formulated a facial oil recently which resulted in a a nourishing, collagen boosting, hydrating night oil. I combined it with a blend of rose, neroli and frankincense. The results were incredible. My client loved it so much she has asked for some more as after only one week of using it her skin was glowing, more hydrated and she said an absolute pleasure to use. I’m delighted of course!