Weekly essential oil highlight…Vetiver

You would look at this tall grass and imagine that it would produce a fresh grassy aroma but quite the opposite. It has a heavy, smoky earthy smell that instantly brings calm and sedation.

Botanically known as Vetiveria Zizanoides this very calming oil brings a groundness to anyone suffering from anxiety and a worried overthinking mind. I would not use it on a client suffering from depression because it simply is too over-grounding. Native to the tropical regions of Northern India and nowadays grown commercially for oil in the Seychelles, Brazil, Japan and Haiti. Every time I have used this on an individual they have literally not only sparked out on the massage couch but also had the best nights sleep. Vetiver is a natural sedative, in fact a pretty powerful one and for anyone who suffers from insomnia, this is your oil. Very nurturing and one of my go to’s if I am feeling depleted or stressed.

Not only an oil for psychological issues but really beneficial for arthritis, aches and pains, sprains and weak ligaments. If your system is a little sluggish vetiver, peppermint and black pepper makes a wonderful stimulant for constipation. Always rubbing your abdomen clockwise.

I get impatient when the oil being such a thick consistency, takes forever to come out but its well worth the wait. One of my favourites.