Weekly essential oil highlight…Sweet Basil

Who would have thought that the pot of basil in your kitchen could be so powerful when the oil is used in aromatherapy? The aroma has me salivating. I adore its properties.

I use this often in a morning treatment for someone who has sleep issues. Its effects work throughout the day helping with a better nights sleep. It is an oil that needs to be treated with respect because of its expansive nature.

A fantastic oil for the nervous system. An adrenal oil for someone who is suffering from burnout, fatigue, exhaustion, anxiety and chronic stress. Tonifying and fortifying.

Analgesic for insect bites and stings especially bees and wasps. Not only pain relieving for bites but tired and weak muscles and general aches and pains.

A carminative for digestive cramps and spasms. Very good for helping trapped wind. Rub your abdomen gently in a clockwise direction to relieve flatulence.

This incredible oil has the ability to stimulate and calm. I use it often in treatments and clients report back that they felt more focused and alert but calm too. Recently, one of my clients had suffered a very challenging few weeks and my blend was basil, neroli and sandalwood. It was heaven. She loved it.

Because of its expansive nature it does come with safety cautions. Always use sweet basil and check that the botanical name is Ocimum basilicum CT linalool. It is called other versions, european basil and french basil. French basil must be avoided in pregnancy. Avoid with infants and those with sensitive skin. AVOID USE OF EXOTIC BASIL.  Always consult a professional for further advice