Weekly essential oil highlight…Roman Chamomile

Sweet, sunny and gentle. An oil for troubled babies, children and the child within us all. I adore Roman Chamomile. I visited Inglenook Farm in Liverpool where there were fields of beautiful daisies. Such a gorgeous sight.

Botanically known as Anthemis Nobilis, Roman Chamomile is grown here in the UK and also in Southern and Western Europe. I have it in my herb garden and the aroma is delicate and almost sweet. The actual essential oil which is steam distilled from the flowers has a powerful aroma. Some say it smells of apples and pears and a liquorice note. One drop too many in a blend can completely take over. However, this oil is so gentle that it is very safe for babies and children. The oil is used widely in nappy and nipple cream because of its natural anti inflammatory benefits. I find the oil nurturing, comforting and so relaxing.

This is one of my go to oils for troubled sleepers. It works a treat as it is a natural sedative. Roman Chamomile, Sweet marjoram and Sweet orange is a trusted blend that I add to himalayan bath salts with a carrier oil and then add to a bath. The aroma in the bathroom is absolutely beautiful. A good nights sleep follows…..

A fantastic dermatological oil. It works with any inflammatory condition. Wonderful for eczema, psoriasis and as I mentioned earlier, sore cracked nipples and babies sore bottoms. Its inflammatory benefits go further and it is also very useful for joints and rheumatoid arthritis.

A psychological oil treating anxiety and nerviness. Its calming effect can work with many stress related conditions.

That feeling when your tummy is churning and you are suffering from ‘nervous digestion’ Blend peppermint and Roman Chamomile into a carrier oil and rub your abdomen. So calming……..

Sweet, sunny and gentle with an impact of warmth and comfort. I love it.