Weekly essential oil highlight…Petitgrain

This beautiful oil comes from the bitter orange tree. This incredible tree produces three essential oils, one being Petitgrain.

The leaves and twigs produce this fresh green floral essential oil called Petitgrain. The beautiful white flowers produce an oil called Neroli and the actual fruit produces bitter orange oil. How amazing is that? All three are exquisite and have very different aromas and properties.

In botanical terms we refer to this oil as Citrus aurantium var amara fol, the flowers creating Neroli are floss and the fruit creating bitter orange is fruct. This is important to check when you are buying the essential oil.

Petitgrain doesn’t have the pyschological depth of the flower (Neroli, I will talk about another time) but it is wonderful when balance is needed. It is neither sedating or stimulating. It is referred to as a liver oil for irritability and stress related tension and anxiety. I use it on clients with mental overactivity and those who become restless easily. With its antispasmodic properties it is very beneficial for stress related heart palpitations helping to calm.

A lovely oil to use during pregnancy as it is cool and refreshing and has no safety cautions. With younger clients it is good to use with problematic skin being antibacterial and antiseptic. It helps brighten a dull complexion.

When people experience this oil for the first time the response is always positive. I adore it. It is one of the ingredients in my uplifting roll on. An oil that provides happiness and adds a zest to life.

As a calmative for mental exhaustion try Petitgrain, Roman Chamomile and Lavender…….divine.