Weekly essential oil highlight…Nutmeg

Think of the smell of rice pudding. Warming, comforting and calming. A childhood memory for many. Such a complex oil in both its chemistry and aroma. A prime musculoskeletal and psychological oil helping with many emotional issues.

Known botanically as Myristica Fragrans this oil works its incredible actions on the parasympathetic system. Grounding, balancing and uplifting too. A very useful oil where one holds nervous tension in the musculoskeletal and/or the digestive systems. How many clients come to me complaining that their neck and shoulders are aching so badly and many times this comes down to stress held in these areas.

Working on the nervous system, a euphoric oil helping with mood swings, agitation and restlessness. A natural antidepressant working with anxiety, depression and mental and emotional exhaustion.

A fantastic oil for muscular aches and pains (especially stress linked). Nutmeg works hard to relieve cold muscles. An oil helping to ease the pain caused by arthritis. I’ve had wonderful results with those who suffer with Reynaulds (cold hands and feet) I love this oil in the colder months. Warming and rubefacient helping to improve blood flow.

Again an oil with a wealth of powerful properties. As a child smelling that rice pudding I had no idea that later on in life I would be using it therapeutically to improve the issues that I have discussed. It still blows my mind. Lovely as a mildly stimulating oil used earlier in the day as a muscular blend with black pepper and rosemary and later in the day a calming muscular blend using roman chamomile and lavender. An essential oil that is definitely one of my favourites.

As I mentioned earlier its chemistry is complex. This oil must be avoided in pregnancy. As I always state…….please contact a professional aromatherapist with any questions before use.