Weekly essential oil highlight…Lime

Uplifting and enlivening. A rescue from the doldrums when you are on a journey but you aren’t going anywhere. An oil that is particularly helpful with depression.

Citrus aurantifolia is wonderful for that feeling of no get up and go. When one is feeling flat and drained, lime has an amazing ability to lift mood. A natural antidepressant helping with depression, nervous exhaustion, stress and tension. It helps eliminate negative thinking, refreshing the emotions and bringing calm. It is a support for withdrawal from addiction and a digestive stimulant for congested livers as well as other digestive issues. Lime oil is cooling and drying so therefore considered as a detoxifying oil. It can eliminate heat and damp. Damp conditions are associated with abdominal bloating, lethargy and water retention. A useful blend for indigestion is lime, black pepper and peppermint. It helps with fatigue too.

It is a wonderful oil for convalescence with its antibacterial and antiviral properties treating flu and its antimicrobial abilities which are recommended for throat infections.

It smells divine. It gives me that push to get going on a grey day. Its aroma is powerful so take care when blending as it can steal the ‘limelight’ (ha ha) from a blend.

When you are buying lime ensure that you buy the distilled version as opposed to the expressed version. The distilled oil is not phototoxic where as expressed is, which means that there must be no exposure to the sun or sunbeds for a minimum of 12 hours following application. I always buy the distilled version for all my treatments. If in doubt always check with a professional aromatherapist. Being a citrus oil lime has a short shelf life of 6 months once opened.