Weekly essential oil highlight…Lavender

Lavender. The one essential oil that people will always hold some knowledge about it. Most think it is one of the safest oils but are they right?

They will be right if they are referring to Lavandula Angustifolia but other lavenders, for example Lavandula Stoechas, Lavandin X Intermedia and Lavandula Latifolia all contain varying levels of camphor and are therefore much harsher. They are unsafe in pregnancy and with those who suffer from epilepsy. So don’t be fooled, all lavender is not safe and never buy a blend that states, lavender essence or one that has no botanical name. For home use only use Lavandula Angustifolia

This oil is virtually a panacea. There is practically nothing that it doesn’t help with. It is safe for all ages and in pregnancy. Simply a miracle in a little bottle that us aromatherapists call the ‘healing oil’ I simply cannot write about every property that if offers because there are far too many. Here are the main ones that I will talk about.

A major dermatological oil. Inflammations of any kind. Burns, wounds, boils, spots, sunburn, psoriasis, insect bites. Lavender is your answer. I met up recently with a very dear girlfriend and noticed that her ankle was swollen, inflamed, weeping and she had a slight limp. The area was very hot to touch and we can only assume it was a nasty bite. She had some steroid cream which wasn’t having much of an impact so I suggested lavender. I think sometimes people think ‘seriously! how can an oil clear that up?’  She didn’t actually think that and trusted my suggestion so we went off to the nearest shop that sold essential oils and I told her to apply it neat immediately and every hour or as often as possible for the next couple of days. She did just that. Two days later it had cleared up, the inflammation had gone and her ankle was back to normal. It still blows my mind. No steroids, no tablets just good old fashioned lavender oil with no side effects. Well actually, a very calming effect! Now I mention applying it neat. Only please do so when a professional advises you to do so. Don’t go slathering it all over. When applied neat in a situation like this or with a burn/scald it literally works wonders. Please do take advice though.

A natural antidepressant. Anxiety, depression, panic attacks and shock can all be helped with lavender. A natural sedative, just amazing for those who suffer from insomnia. Support for those who suffer from chronic fatigue and in any compromised immunity situation.  A cordial for the heart helping to reduce heart palpitations. A calming oil for abdominal cramps and an analgesic to take away those horrible period pains.

I don’t use lavender enough in my treatments. I seem to use all the the oils that offer similar properties. I think because everyone knows about lavender that I like to use alternatives but that shouldn’t be the case. It is simply incredible. Such a powerful balancing, regulating tonifying and revitalising oil. Its magic!