Weekly essential oil highlight…Geranium

Geranium is a little like marmite. You either love it or hate it! Personally I love it. Not the actual plant as I don’t like the aroma at all but the oil I think is amazing….

Clients are always surprised that the oil which is produced from the leaves,  smells completely different to the actual plant. The leaves produce a powerful green, floral fragrance with a fruity undertone. In botanical terms the latin name is Pelargonium graveolens. Many of us have geraniums in our gardens as they produce wonderful colours which seem to flower for a very long time and need little maintenance.

The essential oil is a hormonal regulator and a natural antidepressant. It balances mood swings and is particularly good for people who keep their feelings held within them. A harmonic oil helping with depression, anxiety and nervous tension. I would use this oil with any mother suffering from post natal depression and also with women in midlife struggling with menopause especially hot flushes and strong emotions.

A beautiful skin oil. A sebum balancer helping dry or oily skin. Cold sores, boils and acne can all benefit from its antibacterial properties…..and finally an oil that I would use in a full body massage to assist with sluggish lymphatic congestion and cellulite.

Some of my favourite blends are geranium, sweet orange and bergamot, an uplifting blend helping with depression. For cellulite I love geranium, lemon and grapefruit. When working on the face it can be very beneficial to add a drop or two to a facial blend so the client receives the full benefit of inhaling the oil to harmonise their emotions.

A safe oil during pregnancy. As always consult a professional aromatherapist for dilution advice.