Weekly essential oil highlight…Frankincense

This week its all about Frankincense. A strong spiritual grounding oil which deepens the breathing and expands the mind.

The botanical term is Bosweillia and there are many species: Sacra, Thurifera, Carterii, papyrifera and serrata. I mainly use the first two. It is a solitary tree that grows in large areas. A resin is taken from the trunk of the tree. This is known as wounding the tree and once this is done a milky liquid appears which then solidifies into amber coloured crystals of resin. The essential oil is then steam distilled from the resin. Last year when I visited Inglenook Farm in Liverpool I got out of the car and could instantly smell the peppery balsamic aroma from the frankincense that they import. It produced several moments of deep calm on that trip. When you breathe in the oil you feel a sense of letting go. The chemistry is pretty complex and the psychological properties it offers are very powerful. Working on the nervous system it helps with most stress related conditions. Nervous tension, anxiety, depression and deep seated grief. It is a major wound healing oil for scars. Fantastic for rejuvenating skin, especially mature and wrinkles. Exceptionally good at being a rubefacient oil  (bringing blood to the surface) which works on muscular tension easing away those aches and pains and did I mention focus? An oil for assisting right brain sharpness which means it makes a wonderful study oil. The list could go on. It offers a wealth of benefits. Frankincense is right up there in my top ten most used oils. In fact, I know I’ll be using it on my first client tomorrow morning………..