Weekly essential oil highlight…Clary Sage

Strengthening, restoring and uplifting. A major oil for the nervous system. One powerful oil with a wide range of actions.

When it comes to the nervous system we are talking nervous tension, anxiety, depression, mood swings and hormonally linked depression. An oil for people who are deplete, overcharged and exhausted. Clary Sage acts as a tonic for the adrenals. Helpful too where there is grief in the thorax. It promotes relaxation for emotional shock, fear and phobia. It helps psychological disorders including ADHD, PTSD, panic attacks and bipolar disorder. I have experienced very positive outcomes after a full body massage.

Clary Sage botanically known as Salvia Sclarea, comes from the same family as lavender. Steam distilled from the flowering tops with a rich musky and herbaceous smell.  A classic ingredient in many fine perfumes. I love blending it with floral and woody aromas.

It is a tonifying, warming and sedating oil bringing calmness to an individual. A gynecological oil helping with menopausal issues, hot flushes, menstrual irregularity, lack of libido, post natal depression, PMS and assisting labour.

A euphoric oil which is beneficial for stress related muscular tension.

As I stated,  a powerful oil but it comes with safety cautions. It can enhance the potency of alcohol therefore avoid alcohol on day of use and do not drink and drive. Sources suggest that it should not be used with children and adolescents until their hormones are established. Only use late in third trimester during pregnancy as it is a uterine tonic.

Ask a professional for advice if in doubt with regards to the oils safety.