Weekly essential oil highlight…Cedarwood Atlas

This week we look at Cedarwood Atlas or in botanical terms, Cedrus Atlantica. Last year when I was visiting Kew Gardens I got to hug one of these magnificent trees.

The essential oil produces a woody, balsamic aroma that feels instantly clearing. It is similar to frankincense which I’ll talk about next time. The wood is very aromatic and the odour is a repellant for moths –  Many of you will associate the smell from placing cedarwood balls in your wardrobes and drawers to ward off moths munching on your favourite woollen pieces. Men love the aroma and it is used in mens colognes. Apparently, it is thought to be an aphrodisiac.

A psychological oil offering grounding and calming properties. It helps combat negativity and conditions of weakness and also a major respiratory oil helping bronchitis, chronic catarrh and is excellent with asthma encouraging deeper breathing.

The aroma instantly brings me into a state of calm. I find it balancing and reassuring. Clients respond very well to this powerful oil. It blends beautifully with frankincense. It is not recommended for use during pregnancy but comes with no other safety cautions.

As always please contact a professional aromatherapist with any questions that you may have with regards to any essential oil.