Weekly essential oil highlight…Carrot Seed

Not an essential oil that many are familiar with but a powerful detoxifier of the liver and kidneys and a superb skin oil.

Carrot seed known in botanical terms as Daucus Carota has an aroma that may not be everyones favourite, but since I discovered it, it really has grown on me. Musty, earthy and woody. The oil is steam distilled from the seeds and a carrier oil is also produced from the roots. It is rich in Vitamins A and E and is a superb oil for mature skin, burns and scars. The oil improves the colour and vitality of the skin and I can vouch for that as I had a beautiful facial not long ago with carrot seed.

It is a natural sedative for insomnia and has a sedating effect where anxiety affects the heart. Working on the nervous system it helps with panic attacks, stress and anxiety and is a supportive oil where one is trying to withdrawal from substance abuse. Because of its calming and sedating effect it behaves as a gentle detoxifier on both the kidneys and liver. Some detoxifying oils can be quite vigorous but this one takes a calmer approach. Not only helping with overloaded livers due to alcohol and drugs but it is also an excellent oil for calming any stress related digestive disturbances due to rich food. It also helps with IBS.

Suffer from gout? A fantastic oil for all joint deposit conditions.

So there you have it. A powerful little oil. 1 to 2 drops is all that is needed in a blend due to its pungent aroma. It blends beautifully with Ylang Ylang. Try peppermint and carrot seed for indigestion and stomach pains due to rich food.

It is not to be used in pregnancy or labour as it is a uterine relaxant. As always, please consult a professional Aromatherapist for dilution advice and anything else that you are unsure about.