The powerful effects of smell

Do certain aroma’s take you back to a happy place?  Your childhood, a holiday?  People can find certain smells very comforting….

If ever I get a whiff of jasmine it makes me smile and I feel my breath deepen as I think of a special place that is close to my heart. There are many essential oils that clients react to in a very positive way. Rose, for example, or neroli are natural antidepressants and when I am treating someone it is very interesting to see their response if I am using those in their blend. I can help them feel more relaxed and ease away any troubles and the effects normally last for some days afterwards and beyond.

So to ensure that between treatments this positive effect carries on I often make up the same blend that I used that day and they are then able to remember how good they felt during that session from anything to feeling safe and comfortable in my room or the fact that they slept and had happy dreams… whatever those happy thoughts may be its all down to the power of smell.