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I have an online booking system. Green dots on a certain day means that these are available appointments. No green dot means that I am already booked or not available. However, there is always room for flexibility so if you cannot find a convenient time then please do text me on 07545 261205 and I will do my best to accommodate you.


The Lymphatic Contouring Facial Therapy

Purifying ~ Detoxifying ~ Revitalising

Introducing The Lymphatic Brush, a transformative facial therapy created by my mentor Cecily Braden that fuses the art of manual lymphatic drainage with the essence of holistic rejuvenation. Prepare to immerse yourself in a journey of profound cell renewal, where unwanted waste and toxins are eliminated and the secret to youthful skin and vitality is unlocked...

Cleverly designed and wonderfully effective, the brushes clear pathways susceptible to congestion and stagnation. These culprits often manifest as facial fluid retention, resulting in puffiness and a 'drag' that can give the appearance of ageing, dull skin. Enter the magic of the lymphatic brush - devised to work in harmony with the natural structure of your lymphatic system. Using specific techniques with my hands and the brushes, lymphatic function is optimised, facilitating the flow of waste expulsion and tissue irrigation.

The treatment starts with a soothing and deeply relaxing 'lymphatic cleanse' using my cleansing melt followed by a gentle warming of the face with either a Thai herbal poultice or heated bloodstone mushrooms, both extremely calming. Tension melts away and blood circulation is increased, opening up the pathways for enhanced vitality. The brushes then gently increase inner mobility, naturally clearing accumulation and supporting the essential exchange of nutrients and waste removal in the tissue.

The results? Instant radiance and vitality, with long term benefits. Why not make the most of this wonderful treatment by adding the brushes to your own self care rituals at home?

A truly rejuvenating experience...

60 mins – £85.00 
Course of 6 treatments £425.00

Intuitive Aromatherapy Facial

Grounding ~ Calming ~ Soothing 

Just like the seasons, our skin is constantly changing. Factors such as stress and poor sleep can significantly impact how we look and feel from day to day. If you're unsure which treatment to choose, the Intuitive aromatherapy facial eliminates the guesswork and lets us decide on the day of your appointment what's best for your skin and you...

Tailored to address your specific skin concerns, this holistic facial massage therapy is designed to focus on mind, body and spirit, instilling a profound sense of wellbeing. Inhaling essential oils, such as frankincense will ensure you feel grounded and calm, as I apply a personalised fusion of Ayurvedic and Japanese massage techniques to your face, neck and chest. Methodologies such as lymphatic massage, Gua Sha, warming and cooling facial stones, acupressure and scalp and neck massage may be used, depending on your needs on the day. 

A truly bespoke treatment, the Intuitive aromatherapy facial is a deeply nurturing experience that enhances the appearance of your skin. Expect firmer and more toned facial muscles, and a brighter complexion. This treatment not only revitalises your skin but also melts away mental tensions leaving you balanced, at peace and with a restored sense of calm. it can also alleviate insomnia, headaches, migraines and sinus issues.

60 mins – £85.00
Course of 6 treatments  £425.00

Gua Sha Facial Fusion 

Rejuvenating ~ Uplifting ~ Transformative

Created by Cecily Braden (a US-based educator and natural skincare pioneer who I've been lucky enough to train with), Gua sha facial fusion elevates facial therapy to the next level. A truly transformative experience for the skin.

At the heart of this wonderfully calming treatment is a clever mix of facial massage methods that detoxify and destress the skin and encourage the flow of vital nutrients to nourish it. Deep-seated tension, which is so often reflected in our faces, is released. Circulation is activated and cell activity stimulated resulting in regeneration of the facial tissue. A breath of fresh air for the'll notice immediate results in the appearance of fine lines, sagging skin, dark circles and puffy eyes.

The treatment begins with my cleansing melt which is then removed with steamed towels. The face is warmed with a heated Thai herbal poultice. A soft bundle of therapeutic herbs with soothing properties rich in Vitamin C, a winning combination that can help fight skin eruption while calming inflamed and irritated skin. It instantly brings deep relaxation; tension is released, and pathways are opened for increased circulation and lymphatic drainage using the incredible Cecily Braden Lymphatic Brush.

Gua sha techniques are then performed with different tools (both warm and cool) and varying degrees of pressure to tone, lift and renew facial contours while manipulating connective tissue. Skin that suffers from acne, rosacea and other sensitivities will reap the rewards of this transformative therapy.

Finally, a natural mask provides a burst of hydration and Ice globes tighten and cool the skin. An aromatherapy facial massage with my facial oil along with acupressure, leaves the skin beautifully conditioned and glowing with health.

90 minutes - £125.00
Course of 6 treatments - £690.00 

Gua Sha Facial With Buccal Massage

Calming ~ Toning ~ Renewing

A wonderfully calming and balancing treatment that will leave your skin lifted with a vibrant glow...

The Gua sha facial is a mini version of the Gua sha facial fusion treatment (see above) without the Thai herbal poultice but with many of the same transformative benefits.

The Gua sha massage techniques of this skin-boosting therapy, derived from ancient East Asian and Chinese practices, release tension from the facial muscles, helping to reduce puffiness and inflammation. Toxins are freed and blood and lymph circulation are stimulated, helping to promote cell growth and repair.

The treatment begins with cleansing of the face before the acupressure points are worked on with aromatherapy massage using my facial oil. A variety of Gua sha facial tools are used throughout the treatment...some are warm and some cool, a treat for the skin and the senses. Buccal massage (intra oral) is included in this treatment. It involves an inner mouth massage where areas can be reached, where you can't reach from the outside. This is a firm massage but not so intense that it hurts. In fact it's very relaxing and can relieve jaw tension, TMJ syndrome, neck and shoulder pain, headaches and can help to clear skin breakouts and stagnant blockages. It can help counteract the ageing process naturally without the need for injectables or surgery. And to finish, a little facial reflexology brings balance and calm to the skin. 

Renewed and restored, your skin will feel lifted, toned and glowing with vitality.

If you prefer not to have Buccal massage this can be omitted from the facial.

60 mins £90.00
Course of 6 treatments - £450.00

Facial Rejuvenation 

Uplifting ~ Reviving ~ Relaxing

Unlike any other facial, this powerhouse of a treatment brings deep relaxation and leaves you and your complexion glowing, uplifted and rejuvenated. Some say it’s as relaxing as a full body massage…

Our faces often reflect how we are feeling; stress, pent-up emotions and unhealthy lifestyle choices can all contribute to wrinkles appearing and our skin generally lacking vitality. Being directly attached to the muscles underneath, the skin on our faces needs particular attention – if the muscles sag, the skin sags too.

I start with a little relaxation before moving on to the facial acupressure massage, working on the three layers of the skin. This stimulates blood and lymph circulation, helping cell growth and repair, and educating the muscles to stay lifted and toned. A relaxing, grounding scalp massage leaves you in an even deeper state of relaxation.

Finally, your skin is then treated with a nourishing, balancing blend of essential oils; I have formulated a range of gorgeous seasonal facial oil serums to address the effects of the changing seasons on the skin. 

Other benefits can include improved sleep, and relief from sinus problems and stress-related issues.

While a difference can usually be seen and felt after just one treatment, the effects are cumulative and work best over a course of six weekly treatments, followed by monthly maintenance treatments.

Add on the detoxifying, soothing and nourishing properties of the Thai herbal facial poultice (see below in Gua sha facial fusion) to make this signature treatment even more special.

60 mins – £85.00 
Add on Thai herbal poultice - 75 mins - £105.00
Course of 3 treatments - £212.00 
Course of 6 treatments  £425.00 

Face And Feet

Reviving ~ De-stressing ~ Nourishing

This balancing treatment combines the wonders of facial rejuvenation massage or the lymphatic contouring facial therapy with an Ayurvedic lower leg and foot massage that will leave you feeling like you’re walking on air. 

Using Kansa Vakti massage techniques, I concentrate on the marma (or energy) points of the feet and legs to help free the flow of energy through the body. As well as improving blood and lymph circulation, it can help to alleviate stress and anxiety. Pure relaxation and restoration.

Please let me know on the day which facial you would prefer.

90 mins - £120.00

Et Al Make Up Consultation

et all means 'and more' Make up with the science of skincare. 
Active natural ingredients at functional levels meaning you'll see the benefits long after you've removed your make up. Non comedogenic. Cruelty free. Ethically and sustainably sourced. Vegan and free from sensitisers and allergens. A stunning range of beautiful colours. High pigmented blushes, foundation that glides on like silk with a matte finish. Come and play with the colours and let me guide you with your colour match.

Mix and match your treatments

I’m always happy to mix things up a little so if you would like to combine treatments  – please ask.

Gift vouchers

Why not treat a friend to a bespoke facial? Perhaps a loved one would benefit from a relaxing, healing treatment? A gift of wellness is a lovely way to show you care.

Gift vouchers are available for any treatment or amount and are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.  Buy now

Payment Methods

I accept both cash and card payments. As a ‘thank you’, I run a loyalty scheme whereby following six individually booked treatments, I will deduct £25 from your next treatment. This scheme does not apply to a course of treatments. 

Cancellation Policy

Life can bring on the unexpected and sometimes things are beyond our control. Should you need to cancel an appointment, I ask that you do so with 24 hours notice. Any less and I may have to charge you for the full session. And if you’re running late for an appointment, please let me know so I can ask the client after you to arrive a little later. Thank you.


Note - I'm happy to offer facials and treatments tailored for men (by referral only). So if the man in your life – be it your partner, son or brother – could benefit from a little aromatherapy TLC, please do get in touch.


I have an online booking system. Green dots on a certain day means that these are available appointments. No green dots means that I am already booked or not available.