Mental illness

As we hear of another sad death this week it saddens me to think that no one knew that Kate Spade suffered from depression. She suffered in silence.

Depression is an illness that many will hide because of the stigma attached to it. Why can’t society not see this? You simply cannot tell someone to get over it and to pull themselves together, it just isn’t that simple. Those with depression go through life thinking that they aren’t good enough, that everyone is staring at you, judging you. In fact, that is the problem as many do sadly judge.

There is mental illness in my family and without going into the personal details of my loved ones this is one of the reasons that I found myself training to become an Aromatherapist. Many clients who sit with me during the consultation phase naturally start off a little nervous but as they start to talk I can see their body language completely changing into a much more relaxed state. Its good to talk. Its good to get it all out. Listening is very powerful. It allows us to build a stronger relationship with someone and most importantly to gain trust. As an Aromatherapist you also become a clients therapist to a degree, they look forward to their sessions, not only the actual treatment but also being heard. I always say that my room is a safe space and I know that many of my clients would agree with me.

I can’t fix depression or any mental illness but I can listen and certainly make one feel a little better during a treatment. This can range from sleep blends for insomnia, grounding oils to help balance the nervous system and a huge array of other euphoric oils that will certainly help that person have a better day.

I’m here to chat in confidence should you need it yourself or for someone that you are concerned about…..

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