How aromatherapy has changed me…

Some of you may read this and think seriously? Well seriously it has. I view life very differently. My life has been challenging at times. My own children have faced difficulties which have been deeply upsetting but all of this has made me a stronger person coupled with my passion………aromatherapy.

I meet people from all walks of life many with psychological problems and with my life experiences I can relate to their issues. I let my clients talk for as long as I think is necessary.  Sometimes it involves just holding their hands, or giving them a big hug. Human touch is magical and we all need it. Life it tough, life can be stressful and my job is so deeply rewarding when a client comes into my treatment room and leaves with a sparkle in their eyes and a glow in their skin. Sometimes I sit and reflect, what did I do? I listened, I touched and they received a lovely blend of gorgeous oils based on their issues at the time.

I’m so fortunate. I’m so passionate about what I do. I love…love…love…what I do. To help others put a spring in their step is deeply rewarding.

Happy weekend lovely people xx