Essential oil highlight…Sweet Marjoram

Also known as French marjoram and in botanical terms as Origanum majorana. I don’t know of anyone who has disliked this aroma. It gives out a warm, spicy, herby fragrance that immediately calms and soothes.

Sweet marjoram is referred to as “Joy of the mountains” providing strength and endurance. A tonifying oil for those that are deplete. For any client that struggles to shut down an overworked mind, experiences overcharged emotions that lead to panic attacks and anxiety this is one oil that will most certainly benefit them. It works as a sedative on the nervous system reducing nervous tension, stress headaches, insomnia and helps calm hyperactivity. When panic takes over and your heart feels as though its going to leap out of your chest then this wonderful oil takes control and allows the breathing to slow down.

It has pain relief properties for anyone suffering muscular aches and pains following over exertion. Excellent as a circulatory stimulant for arthritis sufferers. Its analgesic actions also help period pains and digestive issues like indigestion and colic. When massaged into the abdomen it helps conditions like IBS and constipation, in fact it works as a laxative helping to regulate the body.

A little gem of an oil that I loved so much it is an ingredient in my sleeping roll on helping to induce calm and peace for a restful night.

The only safety aspect that I would mention is that it is an anaphrodisic which is the opposite to an aphrodisiac! Used long term and in larger quantities it is recommended not to be used on any individual suffering with clinical depression.