Essential oil highlight…Cypress

Breaking links with the past… a diuretic oil helping excess ‘wateriness’ whether it may be colds, perspiration, menopausal hot flushes or constant tears…

I recently had a client who has been suffering tremendous grief following the passing of a loved one. I included Cypress in her blend and the results were very positive. The following day she felt brighter and more positive. This lasted for sometime afterwards.

Cypress is a tonic for the nervous system. Over stretched emotions, nervous debility and exhaustion can all be improved by this wonderful oil.

It is an astringent oil and when combined into a base cream with calendula oil it is soothing for haemorrhoids. Blended with regenerative carrier oils as a facial oil with the addition of beautiful rose essential oil it helps with broken capillaries. Cypress has wonderful binding and tightening properties.

For those going through the menopause, a subject close to my heart, cypress blended with geranium, spanish sage and lemon provides a refreshing spritz in times of night sweats and hot flushes throughout the day.

Fresh in aroma with earthy slightly woody undertones. Cypress blends beautifully with citrus oils

Generally a safe oil to use but as it contains a terpene called 0-3 carene it can become oxidised much earlier than other oils possibly causing skin sensitivity so consider this oil as having a shorter shelf life.