Aromatherapy awareness week… 2019

From the 10th to the 16th June aromatherapy awareness week is a campaign that highlights to the general public, the wonderful benefits that aromatherapy has to offer.

Aromatherapy is using essential oils and plant extracts to treat a variety of different conditions. It can be used to bring harmony to a person’s mind, body and soul. The oils are used in a variety of different ways. Via massage to the body, inhalations, bath treatments, aromatic spritzers, diffusing, facial oils, blended into creams and lotions for specific areas for example, arthritis, eczema, sprains, acne, fungal infections etc…

Essential oils have many different properties. Some are analgesic, (pain relieving)  for muscular issues, some are anti inflammatory helping with inflammation of the skin or joints, some are natural sedatives helping with insomnia, many are natural antidepressants improving mood, stress, anxiety and depression. The list of properties is huge. The effects can be very powerful indeed. Oils can be both relaxing and invigorating. Take rosemary for example, a very effective oil for helping with muscular aches and pains and stimulating too proven to help with focus and concentration. Neroli, us aromatherapists call this beautiful oil ‘the rescue remedy of essential oils’  known for its stress relieving properties. Geranium, a superb balancing oil for hormones which are creating havoc and gorgeous Ylang Ylang a natural aphrodisiac helping with sexual difficulties. I currently have around 80 oils. I certainly have my favourites and have seen so many positive results with my clients. I just couldn’t imagine not having aromatherapy in my life.

As I said the oils are powerful in very positive ways but if used incorrectly then they can be equally powerful in a negative way. Some oils come with safety cautions. Let me give you some examples. Rosemary has a high camphor content therefore if it is used with someone who is pregnant or a person who suffers with epilepsy then the effects can be very dangerous. Would you believe that nutmeg used in high doses because it contains something called myristicin can cause hallucinations and if it were used on someone who was pregnant it can potentially cross the placenta and become a uterine tonic.  Some oils like lime are phototoxic meaning that you should avoid the sun within 12 hours of application. Vetiver a beautiful grounding oil can possibly be too grounding when used with a client suffering from clinical depression AND lavender… now most people think that lavender is a safe oil. Please make sure that when you look at the botanical name on the label of the oil that you would buy ‘Lavandula Angustifolia’ yes this type of lavender comes with no safety cautions but if you were to buy something called ‘Lavandula X intermedia’ then no it isn’t completely safe. Like rosemary it contains camphor therefore you wouldn’t use this whilst pregnant or suffering with epilepsy. It horrifies me when you see a lavender blend, there are no botanicals on the label and heavens only knows what you are buying. Always buy from a well known reputable source or seek advice from a professional aromatherapist, preferably someone who is registered with the IFPA – ‘The International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists’ You will then know that you are in safe hands. I am a member having gone through hard training, pure dedication of learning for 2 years, practical and theory exams, hours and hours of case studies but I am very proud to hold that qualification. NEVER INGEST OILS AS SOME COMPANIES MAY SUGGEST. Ingesting oils is not something that we support in the UK. It is dangerous despite some pyramid selling companies brain washing individuals that it is safe. Why would you add lemon oil to water when you can simply have fresh lemon?

OK let’s get back to the wonderful world of aromatherapy. I’m very passionate about my role and want to share the benefits with you. During July for any new client I would love to offer a 15% discount off a full body treatment. This excludes any gift certificates already purchased or other existing promotions. Not forgetting my wonderful regular clients you too will benefit with a taster session of the amazing Natural facelift for those who haven’t already tried it. Normally £60.00 for 60 minutes treatment but in July £25.00. Some say it is as relaxing as a full body massage with the added benefit of a natural lift and a beautiful glow. One treatment per client. So come and discover aromatherapy. I hope that you will be hooked and it will become part of your self care journey.

I look forward to seeing you in my treatment room soon.

With warm aromatic wishes,